Launch Products & Programs

Scale Growth 

Every organization must increase revenue and grow their customer base, all while upholding mission and quality.  However, every organization is unique within it's industry, with it's offerings and customer population.  This requires a flexible partner accustomed to these nuances.

  • Are you interested in launching a new product / program but require a more organized and professionally managed webinar series to support it?
  • Have you launched a webinar series already but want to expand it organization-wide?
  • Are you seeking to incorporate both live and "simulive" / on demand webinars to support a new product / program?

Our professionally managed webinar strategy begins with an extensive investment in front-end research to get to know your organization. Product / program viability, industry and organizational readiness assessments create an actionable path of challenges and opportunities for webinar development.

Grow with a Proven Partner

Does experience and expertise really matter?  Of course it does. That's why after ten years of representing some of the largest brands in the world, you can confidently partner with our experienced staff and know that you are with the leaders in the space.  Our staff has helped institutions with over fifty-thousand employees increase their customer base and boost revenue by millions of dollars over the last decade.

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  • About the Webinar People

    From persuasive online presentations designed to convert, to flexible education-based modular trainings. Large-scale, intimate, live, simulive or on-demand. Job-aids, eBooks, dynamic training and e-learning documents. No matter your needs, the Webinar People offers a unique and integrated mix of services, expertise, and experience.

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