It Began with a Simple Idea

How can organizations better attract, engage, and convert prospects while simultaneously reduce associated costs?

That was the idea.  After creating, delivering, and hosting presentations both in-person and online to thousands of individuals around the world, we've figured out what works, and in many cases, most importantly - what doesn't work.

Evolving through your goals and their needs

Markets, organizations, and customer expectations have evolved.  With the rapid and sometimes extreme changes we experience with information, products, services and the technology used to communicate, it's easy to feel like you're not keeping up.

We help craft ideas into online presentations designed to shift audience beliefs and behaviors. Through our complete and full-service webinar solutions, our staff continues to build on a 10-year history of communication and representation performance for organizations who have a product or service to market. Increasing effectiveness in the way organizations connect to both internal and external customers, combined with getting the desired results - while realizing lower costs is where Webinar People's core competencies converge.  

Your organization's most informed and enthusiastic customer

It's the air that we breathe.  This is top-of-mind, and our keeping with the end in mind while executing our day-to-day activities. Enhancing your client's outcomes is meaningful work. Each strategy implemented, product, program, and service supported reflects our commitment to communication and representation excellence made possible through our services.

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Work With Us

Are you a creative individual looking to be part of a different kind of organization?

We work with clients that have a diverse set of needs.  However, all clients are looking for unique thinking, variety with creativity, and expertise in design and execution.  We help transform ideas into compelling online presentations designed to shift viewer behavior and beliefs.

Leaders in some of the largest organizations in the world rely on us to help them make what can be a complex process - more simplified, efficient and above of all, effective.  We are a data-driven design organization with outcome-based implementation in our work.

The Webinar People promotes excellence and clarity in communication between teammates and fosters a supportive environment with learning and growth.  Preeminent in our category, we are a full-service webinar creation, design, and execution company that offers 100% end-to-end development.  We enjoy working with superstars.

We are currently hiring for virtual / remote project-based work in two major categories:

  1. Speakers / Presenters / Moderators
  2. Instructional Designers

For an idea of role responsibilities, please review our website and Instructional Design page before we talk. To apply as a project-based contractor in either category please send resume to

If there is a current or upcoming project that appears to be a match, we will contact you to set up an initial conversation to discuss technology/software requirements, project and team assignment.  We hold all resumes for a minimum period of 6 months.

  • About the Webinar People

    From persuasive online presentations designed to convert, to flexible education-based modular trainings. Large-scale, intimate, live, simulive or on-demand. Job-aids, eBooks, dynamic training and e-learning documents. No matter your needs, the Webinar People offers a unique and integrated mix of services, expertise, and experience.

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